…under construction in the woods

Hidden away in a deeply wooded ravine in Sonoma County, and only accessible over a narrow footbridge across a creek, aptly named ‘Humbug Creek’, we are constructing a new Hunting Lodge get-away House.   Construction is taking a while as all building materials have to be brought across the creek on a sip line, and we cannot get any major equipment to the site so all the hard work has to be done the old fashioned way…by hand!

It is an exciting building, over 3000 sq feet with an 23ft high Great Room,  Separate Master Suite, Billiards Room and decks overlooking (overhanging) the creek.  There will be no sheetrock in the building, it’ll all be clad in wood, and decorated with Hunting themed trophies and vintage items to set the mood…a real hunting lodge!

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