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Below are some answers to the questions people are asking me concerning rebuilding after the tragic fires we have had.

Both the County of Sonoma and the City are Santa Rosa are still working out how they will be handling the rebuilding. 

Before any rebuilding can take place the County or City will be working with the State of California’s Office of Emergency Services to clean up the sites of those people who have lost their homes. They want to ensure that the clean up and disposal of hazardous material will be done properly and safely. There are special companies that are approved and specialize in this type of work. You should be covered by your insurance and will not have to pay for this work.

The downside is that it will take a while to get to everyone, and probably cause a lot of frustration. The County is going to let some people clean their own lots, but you will have to check with your insurance company if you are covered for individual work, as the state will not reimburse you.  The City is going to decide if they will allow individual clean up. They are having a Council meeting on the 23rd October to work out all the details of their permitting and clean up procedure. 

The City Council  meeting on the 23rd will be live streamed and details about how to watch online will be available after Friday. 

No Building Permits for Fire rebuilds are being issued by the County of the City until they have worked out the details. They will be making announcements after the 23rd October. There has been talk of streamlining the process, but at the moment only plans that comply with the latest building codes will be eligible for processing. That means even if you have your original  building plans and structural calculations they cannot be considered for permitting unless they comply with the latest California Building codes.  The codes are updated every three years, so your plans and calculations will almost certainly have to be updated too. If you have plans and know who the Architect and Structural Engineer are, it is best to work with them, as they have  75% of the work already done. If you dont have plans, dont know who designed your house, or want to build something different than you originally had, I am happy to help you get the plans, modify your existing plans, or design something different.  I am happy to discuss what I know, try to find out more information,  or answer any further questions you may have.

I know it is a difficult time, and I am amazed at how helpful everyone has been, and  how resilient so many people are who have lost so much.  Working together we can all get through this.

Irvin Klein

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